What’s a Nectar Collector?

Concentrates and extracts have been flooding the cannabis market by storm. Dabbing has now evolved into a culture of its own. New ways of consume concentrates and extracts are still emerging such as the nectar collector

Nectar Collector

Source: Onlinesupplies.ca

Description of the nectar collector

The nectar collector is better described as a vertical dabbing pipe. They are commonly made from glass but also found in silicone. The nectar collector is built in a straight tube style with one titanium tip and another tip to inhale through.

Most nectar collectors can be found between 6-10 inches long and a few inches wide. Water can be added inside the middle chamber of the nectar collector. Add just enough water to cover the percolator. 

Online Supplies offers a 3 part kit nectar collector which includes a clamp to secure,  glass jar to melt down your concentrates or extracts into and a 14mm joints titanium nail that slides and clamps into the nectar collector.


How to use the nectar collector

Using a nectar collector is fast and simple. First you will need to torch the tip of the titanium (1/2 inch) for 10-30 seconds and wait 10 seconds as a cool down period. These heating periods may vary depending on your preferred dabbing temperature and type of torch. Take the appropriate amount of oil that you desire to smoke and place it down the glass jar. However, do not use a plastic jar to melt the oils into. 

Once the titanium is cooled down, you inhale through the mouth tip while applying the heated titanium tip into the concentrates / extracts. The heat of the titanium will melt and vaporize the concentrates into the nectar collector. Make sure to agitate the titanium tip all over your placed concentrates to fully vapor all of it. 



In conclusion, the nectar collector is a great tool that allows stoners to enjoy their favorite oils through a unique and effective dabbing tool. Small and compact, the nectar collector is a great investment for any stoners who enjoy dabs while hiking or outdoor activities. This tool is extremely well designed and gives out surprisingly big hits.