What are dab tools?

Many cannabis enthusiasts are learning everyday more and more about the benefits of consuming THC concentrates. The dabbing scene can be overwhelming at first with all the confusing concentrates acronyms and different types of oil rigs, many wonder what are dab tools?

Dab tools are a key tool when handling concentrates at any stage. From the extractors to the consumer, everyone who handles concentrates and extracts use a dab tool.

Types of dab tools

Dab tools are found with many different shapes, sizes and styles. Every type of tool has his pros and cons when it comes to handle concentrates or extracts.

Flat Head

The flat head dab tool is found with a large and flat head similar to a square shovel. It is perfect for dry concentrates or extracts such as crumble and full melt hash because they are not sticky and will slide down the flat head into the banger or nail with ease. Due to the large head this tool is great for taking big dabs.

Pointy Arrow

The pointy arrow dab tool is a slim stick with a small arrow tip head. It is a good tool for pull and snap shatters because the sharp end can cut into and break apart the shatter into dabs. The pointy arrow is also great for sticky concentrates such as live resin and rosin because by using the pointy head you can chop and scoop up the right size dab for you without creating a mess.


The scooper shaped dab tool has a circular and flat head which make a perfect tool to reach sticky concentrates in the corners of your glass jars. It is extremely common due to the fact that it handles all concentrates well.

Sharp Scooper

The sharp scooper is a hybrid between the pointy arrow and the scooper. The head is pointy but still has smooth and round edges. This dab tool is the ideal tool for does who dab all types of concentrates such as live resin, rosin, shatter, full melt and many more.

Glass dab tools

Dab rigs are often made with a carb cap and dab tool that matches the oil rig. Most glass dab tools are cylindrical and have a pointy tip. They are great for sticky concentrates but horrible for dry concentrates or extracts because they don’t have a flat surface to scoop them onto.


Dab tools for Banger & Nail

When using a glass or quartz banger, any dab tool can be used because the banger has a lot of room to drop in the concentrates into. When using a titanium nail, we suggest you find a tool with a small tip because you have to be more precise when dropping your concentrates onto a nail than into a banger.



Touching your concentrates with your hands and fingers isn’t the cleanness move and can sometimes affect the taste and flavors by adding contaminants. We suggest that you always use a dab tool when taking a dab. Please don’t be that guy or girl that rolls up balls of shatter before dabbing them and invest a few bucks into your preferred dab tool.