What are Carb Caps for ?

In the following article, we will answer one of the most common question to newcomers to the world of dabbing, What are carp caps for?

Carp caps are designed to fit over domeless nails or quartz bangers to control the airflow going through the nail or banger. By controlling the airflow, you can agitate the melted concentrates around the heated nail or banger to increase vaporization since the concentrates are in contact with more heated surface area.

Carb caps are great for low temp dabs. By covering the nail or banger you create a little pressure inside the dab rig since less air is going through while your inhaling. This pressure allows more of the concentrates to burn will keeping lower temperatures.

The name ‘’Carb Cap’’ originated from the word carburetor which is the part on a engine from a vehicle which controls the amount of air and fuel goes through the engine.

Glass Carb Cap

Glass carb caps are made for quartz bangers or glass bangers. Many of them are found in various shapes and forms. There is 2 styles that are very common for glass carb caps. The first style is the UFO shapes carb cap. It is in the shape of a UFO and is meant to fit on top of banger and be spin around to create a circular airflow.  

The second style is the bubble shape carb cap. The bubble shape is also meant to site on top of the banger and be spin around but because of its ball shape, it can spinned in all directions which allows air to be pushed in all directions of the banger.

Metal Carb Caps

Metal carb caps are made for domeless titanium nails. They are in a shape of a dome and have stick attached to the top to prevent from burning your fingers. Some of them have shaped the stick into a dabbing tool. The dome usually has multiple holes in it to allow air to agitate the melted concentrates around the nail.


In conclusion, any daily dabber would tell you that a carb cap is one of the most important tool for dabbing. They will allow you to enjoy your concentrates at lower temperatures and waste less by creating more vapor. They are super affordable and really create a massive difference in your dabbing experience.