Vaporizers & Coils

As Canada’s cannabis community keeps growing, more and more innovative and healthy ways of consuming cannabis and cannabis derivatives are emerging. The main new thread is vaporizers. There is many different types of vaporizers with different uses. From wax vapes, dry herb vapes, cartridge vapes. Online Supplies is Canada’s best online source for high quality vaporizers. Are team is dedicated to offers the widest variety of vaporizers to accommodate to anyone’s preferred needs.

Wax vaporizers are taking over the world of extracts by storm. Simple, cheap and extremely effective, wax pens such as our collection of Yocans are part of the best sellers when it comes to high quality wax vapes.  Quartz coils as heating elements which makes a fast and easy way to enjoy your concentrates. Wax vaporizers are the safest and smallest tools that create a flavorful and healthy experience.

Dry herb vapes are part of the healthiest ways to consume herbs. Dry herb vaporizers can be set at a certain temperature which will create vapors instead of smoke (combustion). The true flavor profile of the herb can be tasted through vapors.