Terp Pearls: What Are They Meant For?

Canada’s dabbing community is growing at an incredibly fast pace. Most stoners want to maximize the amount of concentrates and extracts that they are dabbing. The newest solution are Terp Pearls!

Many of them overheat their bangers in order to fully melt their dab. Overheating is extremely unhealthy and ruins the flavors. Most components such as the terpenes (terps) taste horrible when burned too hot. Components in cannabis such as fats, lipids, waxes and terpenes are proven to be unhealthy when melted over 800°F. 


What’s the Purpose of Terp Pearls?

Terp Pearls elevate your dabbing experience by allowing you to heat up your banger for shorter times  while still creating thick smoke in your dab rig.

First you must add 1 or 2 terp pearls in your banger. Do not add more than 2 pearls in the quartz or glass banger. Too many pearls can affect the air flow. Keep the pearls in the banger at all time during heating period. 

Taking your dab will require all the same steps except from heating as hot as you usually do. Once the concentrates are melting in the banger you put your carb cap over the banger to create a direct airflow. 

Carb caps airflow are meant to agitate the concentrates around. The pearls will now be affected by the airflow created by the carb cap. They will then spin around the banger which will move the melted concentrates around the banger.

By moving the melted extracts around, the pearls allow lower temperature dabs to be taking while still being able to evaporate all the concentrates at a healthy and tasty temperature. Low temperature dabs are extremely tasteful and give off the true terpenes flavors of the specific strain. 


What Are Terp Pearls Made of?

Terp Pearls are made out of quartz which is extremely heat resistant. Many terp pearls are made of clear or colored quartz. Some other pearls are able to glow in the dark. They are available in made colors to match your dab rig.


Where Can I Purchase Them?

Terp Pearls are available with the purchase of every dab rig and quartz banger when ordering off Online Supplies. Bulk / wholesale of many styles of pearls are available at Online Supplies.