Oil & Dab Rigs

For the past decade, cannabis extracts have been flourishing into a massive culture that has taken the cannabis community by storm. Dab rigs are the main way to smoke extracts which have created a large community as well.

Glassblowing dab rigs is an amazing art that people spend a years to perfect. Dab rigs around the world are being made with precious care and state of the art technology. Dab rigs come be found in all prices. You can find dab rigs for under 100$ up to thousands of dollars depending on the glass blower and the style of rig.

Here at Online Supplies, we cherish the idea that all stoners should be able to afford themselves a high-quality dab rig at an affordable price. We search around the web for high-quality dab rigs made by professional glass blowers to offer at low prices. All of our dab rigs are wrapped and shipped in discreet and secure packaging to assure a quick and safe delivery.

Our wide variety of dab rigs contains many rigs with all types of percs. From small beaker rigs to recycler rigs, Online Supplies has plenty of styles, ready to fit your dabbing preferences.

All dab rigs on Online Supplies come with a glass, quartz bangers or a titanium nail. All types and sizes of bangers and nails are available. Male and female tips are available in 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm.  We have many novelty quartz bangers available in many sizes such as the Terp Slurper quartz banger and the Loop Quartz banger. A large variety of carb caps is available in all different colors and styles to accommodate to your rig’s style.