Man Protects Smoke Shop with his Beaker Bong

Canadian pot shop employee located in Shannonville, Ontario, Canada has fought off masked robbers by smashing a large glass beaker bong on one of the thieve’s head.

On Thursday, Sept. 6th at approximately 4:00 PM, the four robbers entered the Cannabis Farmers Market dispensary and sprayed the 2 employees using large cans of bear spray. The male employee still jumped straight to action and grabbed the nearest weapon to him which ended up to be a large thick beaker glass bong (water pipe).

What’s a Beaker Bong?

Large beaker bongs can be quite heavy and create massive amounts of damage if used as a weapon. This thick and large Teal beaker bong is a great example of the type of beaker bong the store employee used against the thieves. Beaker bongs are long, heavy, thick and has lots of surface area which is meant to help smokers take in more smoke during a bong hit.

The fearless employee then charged the robbers and smashed the bong on one of the robbers while they were fleeing the store. Lucky for the sake of our entertainment, the dispensary security camera has recorded the entire incident.


Click here for the full footage.

This employee clearly showed us that a big beaker glass bong can be a effective weapon when encountering a group of thieves and despite all negatives critics, the bong-wielding employee has been praised for his act of heroism against the thieves.

Mandatory Security?

This recent failed robbery has spark many debates about whether or not the legalization of marijuana in Canada will lead to many robbery attempts targeting pot shops and cannabis related shops. Many debate whether or not some laws should be in place that would make it a requirement to have security at all establishments that are involved in the industry.

The Tyendinaga Police Service stated on a Facebook post that the crime had been committed by four males of middle eastern origins. After been smashed by a bong they fled in a white SUV on Highway 2.

None of the four males has been arrested and Tyendinaga Police are still looking for any information that can lead to a arrest.