How to Clean your Quartz or Glass Banger

Every stoner has a stoner buddy has a quartz or glass banger that’s dirty and black as a piece of coal. Dabbing out of a dirty banger is unhealthy and affects drastically the taste of the concentrates you are dabbing. In this article, I will teach you how to clean your quartz or glass banger.


Terp slurper quartz banger

Why is your banger dirty and black?

Quartz and glass bangers get black and dirty when dabs are taken hotter than the required dabbing temperatures. Low temp dabs are taken between 315-450°F which is proven to be a lot healthier than dabbing at higher temperatures. When heating glass or quartz to the point of turning red (around 1000°F), it will turn from see-through to cloudy which can be unappealing to some stoners.

Hot dabs will melt your concentrates or extracts to the point of turning black like tar. This black residue will stain bangers overtime. This residue is unhealthy to inhale and gives off an extremely bad taste which ruins the taste of the concentrates or extracts that your dabbing.


How to keep your banger clean

Keeping your banger clean can be a pain in the ass but is totally worth it. First off, you must buy Q-tips which will be used to clean the melted concentrates after every dab. Being Fairly cheap, having Q-tips at all times is a must. 

The second step is having some 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is extremely effective in removing melted concentrates. Add a drop into the banger and then wash off the concentrates with the Q-tip. Make sure to fully remove the rubbing alcohol and give it time to evaporate before taking another dab.


How to clean a black dirty banger

If your banger is black and the rubbing alcohol doesn’t clean it then there’s one option left which is to heat up your banger until its red hot. The black residue will evaporate away into black smelly smoke. Just keep torching your banger all around the black areas, in and outside the banger. This technique will turn the glass or quartz cloudy if used a lot. This technique is the only technique which will bring back and old dirty black banger to life.