How to clean a glass bong?

Most stoners can’t stand using a dirty glass bong and many wonder what are the best ways to clean a glass bong? To start off, there’s many ways to keep your glass bong clean and also many techniques to wash it down after usage.

How to keep it clean

Cleaning your glass bong on a frequent base is the best way to keep it fully clean and avoid staining of the glass as long as possible.

Buy a some screens

Small metal mesh screens are extremely cheap and have a huge impact in keeping your bowl, downstem and bong clean. Putting a screen in your glass bowl will keep the burned ashes to go down and clogged your downstem.

The accumulation of burned ashes and resin soaked in water is what stoners call ‘’resin/rez’’ which looks like tar and drastically affects the taste if its not washed out your bong.

Change the water frequently

Don’t be that lazy stoner who keep an old dusty bong filled with swam looking water. Try to change your water as frequently as possible. Keeping old bong water will affect the taste in a negative way and will stain your glass bong over a long period of time.

Simple cleaning techniques

Salt and water

This technique is simple and cheap. Once your ready to give your glass bong a wash, start off by emptying the old water, then put regular salt in your glass bong followed by a few inches of hot water. Do not add too much water, you don’t want to dilute the salt too much.

Be careful and shake the mixture around in your glass bong for a few minutes. After a few minutes, empty out the mixture and wash down your glass bong with water.

This technique is pretty effective and cost efficient. The same technique can be used with baking soda instead of table salt with similar results.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol is easy to find and can be effective if used frequently. Add the alcohol into your glass bong and shake it around for a few minutes. Make sure to plug the mouthpiece and bowl holes. You can add salt in the isopropyl alcohol for better results. This technique is pretty simple but will cost you a few bucks.

Using Bong cleaners


Companies all over north america are popping up and marketing the best bong cleaning products. Many are all natural and effective but quite expensive while other companies offer products suspected of having harmful chemicals.

Most bong cleaner are simple to use. Just pour the appropriate amount in your glass bong, shack and wait for the resin to wash off the glass and rinse multiple times with warm water. Please do some research on the ingredients included in the bong cleaner or luxury bong water before using them.

Artificial bong water

One of the newest trending products is bong water which sounds ridiculous but is actually pretty effective. Companies such as Piece Water Solution advertise an all natural liquid solution which includes mineral, fruit and vegetable extracts to keep resin from building up.