Glass Bongs

Bongs and water pipes have been used for hundreds of years. Originating from Asia, water pipes were used to smoke many types of herbs including cannabis. This ancient type of smoking which was first commercialized in the 1960s has now evolved to a giant culture of bong and water pipe enthusiasts from around the world. The making of bongs and water pipes by glass blowing is a beautiful art that we, the Online Supplies Team fully cherish and want to share to the rest of Canada.

Online Supplies is Canada’s leading online retailer for high-quality bongs and water pipes at affordable prices. Here at Online Supplies, we value the idea of offering a wide range of bongs and water pipes of all shapes and sizes to suit any stoners preferrable smoking needs. We ship our high-quality bongs and water pipes to all Canadian provinces in a discreet and secure packaging to ensure a quick and safe shipping of our products.

We offer one of Canada’s biggest inventory of bongs and water pipes of all different styles such as bubblers, beaker bongs, recycler bongs, straight tube bongs and bongs with all types of percolators such as honeycomb perc, tree perc, turbine perc.

Online Supplies also offers many acrylic and silicone bongs for anyone on a budget looking to get a good quality bong for cheap prices. Silicone bongs are great for transportation. They are sturdy and extremely hard to break, making it an ideal bong for any stoner on the go.

Straight tube bongs are the most popular style of a bong at the moment. They are a single cylinder with a sliding down-stem which makes it a simple but really enjoyable style of a bong to smoke out of.

Beaker Bongs have a beaker shape bottom, allowing more water to be put in which filtrates the smoke more than the average bong style. Beaker bongs are great for the user who seeks big, thick and cloudy hits.

Percolator Bongs are the new age of bongs and water pipes. Glass blowers from around the world are making these bongs with amazing percolators which enhances the physical look of the bong but also the filtration of the smoke. There are dozens of different type of percs with all unique filtration values.

Now join the movement and get yourself your preferred style of bong from Canada’s best online bong and water pipe store with unmatched customer service.