Buying Dab Rigs Online in Terrebonne, Quebec

Information and fun facts of Terrebonne, Quebec

The city of Terrebonne is located 12km north-east of the city of Montreal, making it one of the largest off-island suburbs with a population of 110,000. Terrebonne is part of the Lanaudière region and is made up with 3 sectors which include Terrebonne, Lachenaie and La Plaine. In 2001, this 3 towns merged together under the name Terrebonne.  

Terrebonne was first incorporated as a city in 1860. The name ‘’Terrebonne’’ meaning ‘’good soil’’ dates back to 1673 when Andreé Daulier des Landes was granted Terrebonne as the original seigneury. 

Terrebonne is a vibrant town with summer and winter activities all year long. The summers are filled with fun activities such as music festivals, beer expos and many comedy shows. Terrebonne is a hot spot for nautical activities such as kayaking, canoeing and boating because of its location on the north shore of the Mille Îles River.



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Buying Dab Rigs Online in Terrebonne, Quebec

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