Buying Dab Rigs and Wax Accessories Online in Repentigny, Quebec

Online Supplies has many great dab rigs and wax accessories available online. The city of Repentigny has many stoners who really enjoy dab rigs and the community surrounding it.


History and culture of Repentigny, Quebec

The city of Repentigny is located to the North of the island of Montreal and on the North shore of the St-Lawrence river. Founded in 1670, the city of Repentigny has been a key location for the most part on the province of Quebec. The city was located at the Western tip of the ”Chemin du Roy”. This route traveled from Montreal to Quebec City for hundreds of years.

Repentigny is mainly francophone community with a population of nearly 85,000. The city has many festivals all year long. The Festival of Fire and Ice is celebrated during the months of January and February. For the past 19 years, Fire and Ice Festival has been Repentigny biggest festival. 


Ordering Dab Rigs and Weed Accessories from Repentigny

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Online Supplies offers many dabbing accessories / tools that will elevate your dabbing experience. Dab tools can be found in many different styles, shapes and colors. Dab tools have the soul purpose of allowing you to handle expensive concentrates and extracts with precision. Touching your concentrates with your fingers can result in dabbing oils and dirt from your hands.

Dab tools and carb caps are really important for anyone who enjoys dabbing concentrates or extracts. Carb caps are meant to be put over your glass or quartz banger after inserting  your dab in the banger. The carb cap creates a directional airflow which guides the melted concentrates around the banger. The melted concentrates are then fully in contact with the heated surface area. Therefore lower temperature dabs while still melt all of the concentrates will give off the true flavors from your concentrates.