Are Metal or Plastic Grinders Better?

Cannabis prices are at an all time low in Canada and consumers have their foot to the metal when it comes to smoking cannabis. Tons of weed are being shredded in grinders annually throughout Canada. Every stoner has or will reach the point of purchasing their first grinder and will wonder if metal grinders or plastic grinders are better?


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Pros of Metal Grinders

To start off we will discuss the pros and cons of using a metal grinder as your main way to grind your cannabis. Metal grinders carry many pros such as being available in many sizes, shapes and styles.

The most common metal grinder is the 3 layer grinder which contains the sharp metal teeth on the top layer, a metal screen to catch the kief in the second layer and the kief container as the bottom layer. The 3 layer style is the preferred grinder for stoners who smoke regularly and wants to collect the fine kief. Being a fan favorite makes it more available in many different sizes and designs.

Metal grinders can also be found with just a single layer which contains teeth of both sides. The single layer metal grinder is compact and extremely sturdy making it the perfect grinder for parties, outdoor activities.

Metal grinders are a lot easier to clean than plastic grinders. By using a metal tool, you can scrape off the sticky THC that makes the layers stick together. Some individuals even put their metal grinders in the dishwasher.

Cons of Metal Grinders

Metal grinders have many pros but here are the cons of using a metal grinder. Metal grinders are worth a lot more than plastic grinders which makes it a pretty sad moment when you lose your metal grinder. Metal grinders are also pretty heavy, making it extremely uncomfortable to keep in your pockets and even your bag.

Pros of Plastic Grinders

Plastic grinders have many pros such as being super affordable, compact, lightweight and effective. Most plastic grinders have a spare compartment attached to the grinder which allows you to store cannabis or rolling papers. They are made with super sharp teeth which grinds the herbs to perfection. Plastic grinders are perfect to carry around during any activities. They are super small and light.


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Cons of Plastic Grinders

The plastic grinders have a few cons such as being a lot less durable than metal grinders, any amount of considerable pressure can break the plastic grinder. They are not equipped with multiple layers which the kief catcher. Many stoners enjoy having a metal screen layer to collect kief and enjoy in the future. Plastic grinders are not as easy to clean than metal grinders and tend to get layers stuck together.


In conclusion, any cannabis users who rarely smoke cannabis should buy a plastic grinders while major consumers should get the metal grinders which is more durable and will last longer. Many stoners keep a metal grinder at home and carry around a plastic grinders for outdoors sesh and activity.