Acrylic Bongs

When buying a new bong there are many factors to consider such as price, size, looks but most of all are the material of the bong. If you’re looking for a super low price, durable and handy bong, well an acrylic bong is exactly what you need.

Acrylic bongs are awesome for newcomers in the world of water pipes, they are extremely sturdy and hard to break. This makes it appealing to any stoners that need a bong on the go.

Most acrylic bongs have a removable metal bowl and stem because its easy to remove and clean.

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than seeing people pass each other your expensive and fragile glass bong around. With acrylic bongs all does worries will go away.

Acrylic bongs are perfect for social interaction because even if your friend drops it most likely will still be in perfect shape.

Most acrylic bongs are straight tubes with a bubble or beaker bottom. They have height of around 12 inches. This makes them perfect for carrying around during hikes or just to have around the pool or camp site during the summer time.

At Online Supplies we offer acrylic bongs of all colors, shapes, and sizes to ensure that anyone can find the right bong that matches their preferred smoking style and look.